Polish Pick Up Lines

The Greatest Polish Pick Up Lines

Polish Pick Up Lines

Raczki caluje laskawej Pani Dobrodziejce…sciele sie do nozek.

I kiss your hands, Madam, my gracious benefactor – I fall prostrate at your feet.

Pani uroda mnie zachwyca i oniesmiela… Brak mi slow…

Your beauty is clearly intimidating…there are no words, or perhaps it is beyond description…

Pani uroda mnie olsniewa. Jestem wprost bez tchu.

Your beauty is dazzling. I am stunned and breathless…

Wyglada Pani wprost zniewalajaco.

You look absolutely captivating.

Wyglada Pani swiezo jak wiosenny poranek.

You look as fresh as a spring morning.

Zyczenie laskawej Pani jest mi rozkazem.

Your wish is my command, m’lady.

Czy zechce Pani zaszczycic mnie chwila swego uroczego towarzystwa?

Would you care to honour me with your precious time and charming company?

Niebo blednie wobec barwy Pani oczu.

The skies are pale compared to the colour of your eyes.

Czy nie zechcialaby Pani udac sie ze mna na niewielki spacer?

Would you care to grace me with a little walk?

Czy nie zechcialaby Pani obejrzec mojej kolekcji znaczkow, lub kolekcji motyli?

Would you like to see my stamp collection, or my butterfly collection?

Pani inteligencja mnie doprawdy zdumiewa!

Your brightness leaves me stunned indeed! *[Editor’s note: Commonly used after prior proposal is rejected]*

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E la figlia è bella come la sua mamma? “Is your daughter as beautiful as you?”

Вы напоминаете мою покойную девушку “You remind me of my dead girlfriend”

Poketto-ni futon-ga hait-teru “I have a futon in my pocket”

Topo, topo porque não? “I’m in, why not?”

Deine Augen sind die gleiche Farbe wie mein Porsche “Your eyes are the color of my Porsche”

O seninki mi? “Is it yours?”

Je voudrais être votre gant de toilette “I would like to be your washcloth”

‘n weithredol , ‘r heula ewigod ddisgleiria chan ‘m arse “Actually, the sun does shine from my as**”

Kan jeg svømme naken i fjorden? “Is skinny dipping allowed in the fjord?”

Jij hebt een opening en ik heb zin “You have an opening and I have a sentence”

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