Tennis Pick Up Lines

Actually, these spectacular tennis pick up lines are for sports’ lovers particularly tennis, players of tennis can use these amazing ones either on their friends who are interested in tennis or in tennis gym. These tennis pick up lines are somehow cheesy and funny, and that’s what make them special. Enjoy reading!

Tennis Pick Up Lines

Tennis Pick Up Lines

Care to knock a few balls with me?

I have 3 balls.

My stick is an oversize 29 inches.

I will give you Yonex, you can give me Head.

Tired of singles? Let’s play some doubles.

So, what’s your favorite stroke?

I can hurl it 130 MPH down the middle.

Got this Hyper Pro Staff and Titanium balls, can we warm-up?

Girl get rid of those Dunlop balls, you deserve better.

That was a pretty deep shot girl, but I’ll be even deeper inside.

For you, I’d give unlimited lets.

Shit girl, you use a full western grip for EVERYTHING…

My thing and my tennis shots. Only one of these things is long, girl.

Smash or pass? In tennis I’ll do both.

If you can return my serves, I’m pretty sure you can return my calls.

I can’t handle your shots girl but I sure can handle you.

Trust me the only time I’d play games with you is on the court.

Girl I’ll beat you 6-0 every time, ’cause I’ll never stop loving you.

Babe, you played a good match, but you and me are a PERFECT match.

Girl, your shots are pretty flat, but you sure aren’t.

You want to be my doubles partner – for life?

If I give you a Babolat, can you give me Head?

Girl, are you a lob? Cause I’m going to smash you

Girl, do you want the P or D?

I don’t mean to be rude, but can you hold my balls while I take my racket out of my bag?

Do you want to hit my balls with your RACK-et ?

I’ll give you my seed, girl, and I ain’t talking about my spot on the tennis team.

Baby you can ride the Tennis Express all night.

Damn girl your tennis IQ must be 150+ !!

Tennis Pick Up Lines