Russian Pick Up Lines

Are you Russian or planning to go or spend vocation in Russia? Pickupliness provides you the best Russian pick up lines, they are just a few ones but guaranteed and sophisticated as never Russian pick up lines before. They always work!

Russian Pick Up Lines

Best Collection Of Russian Pick Up Lines

Haroshenikie nozhki, a kagda ani atkryvayootsya? (That’s a nice set of legs, what time do they open?)

If you think that I want to ask your name, you are mistaken. I also want to invite you for a date.

What is your name? I want to see what it sounds like with my last name.

Let me offer you a hand and a heart. I am a surgeon, so I have plenty of those.

Have you ever been in Paris?.. How about Hawaii?.. Well, I am going there in about 10 years. Would you like me to take you?

You are so beautiful that I forgot the pickup line I was going to use to approach you.

I think about you two times a day – when my eyes are closed and when they are open.

There is something wrong with my eyes – I can’t take them off you.

khatit-ye vih-pit samnoy (Would you like a drink)

davey-tye pa-tant-su-yem (lets dance)

Pokazhi pizdu detka.

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