Are you a volleyball? Because i dig you.

Why set and spike when we could just bump uglies?

Do you want to play volleyball, I have two balls you can play with.

How about you let me take you for a ride in my bobsled? And by bobsled, I mean bed.    Bobsleigh

I’m looking to get bobsleigh’d tonight.

After we’re done roasting marshmallows, I’d like to see s’more of you.

Are you a campfire? Cause you’re hot and I want s’more

Care to accompany me to the camp dance? Last year, I won the “Camp Grounded best-of-all-time, hands-down dancer extraordinaire award” so it’s pretty worth your while. *Only use on first time campers

Didn’t I see you earlier at the archery range? At first, I thought you were Katniss Everdeen but then I was like, “No, that girl is way hotter”. *Can be adapted with Peeta Malark though not as strong

I couldn’t help notice your wrist is bare. I just finished making this “serious-dating/long-term-relationship” bracelet. I guess it was meant to be.