Halloween Pick Up Lines

The best collection of Halloween pick up lines that can be used on Halloweens.

Hey, skeleton. You’re made up of 206 bones . . . want one more?

Hey naughty fire girl, got a fire you can’t put out? You can use my hose anytime you want.

They call me Snickers . . . cuz Snickers satisfies.

I want you to be my Reese’s . . . cuz I wanna put my peanut butter in your chocolate.

I’m York Peppermint Patty . . . cuz when you’re with me you get the sensation.

Open wide, girl. I’m like Pop Rocks and you’re gonna taste the explosion.

If I were a zombie, I’d eat you first.

Girl, you make my crotch rise from the dead.

Hey baby, wanna find out why they call me pumpkinhead?

Hey Lady Vampire . . . you ever suck without your fangs?

Whaddya say we go back to my place and I can enjoy your Mounds and eat your Kit Kat.

That candy bar ain’t the only thing with a cream filling.

That’s not a jawbreaker. THIS is a jawbreaker.

Trick or treat, smell my feet . . . ya wanna have sex?

You’re the only treat I want in my sack.

No, that ISN’T a glo-stick in my pocket . . .

Are you the Crypt Keeper? Cuz I dig older women.

I’m not superstitious, so feel free to cross my path with your black cat anytime.

How much for that treat, trick?

Are you a vampire? Cuz I want you to drain my vein.

So, what do you turn into at midnight?

You look so boo-tilicious!

Your treat or mine?

The skeleton over there didn’t have the guts to get your number for me, so here I am.

You must love Halloween! You don’t need to change to dress up as an angel.

Want to be part of my costume? I’ll let you under my sheets.

I can’t find a Halloween costume so can I just go as your boyfriend/girlfriend?

I have a lot of tricks, but I think you’ll find them as a treat.

I wanna bob for your apples.

That skeleton over there said he’d get your number for me, but he didn’t have the guts, so I came over to get it myself.

Wanna ride my broom stick?

You must be a ghost because you’ve been haunting my dreams.

Love your pirate costume. Wanna search me for buried treasure?

I hear this house is haunted so we better stick together.

Want to find out what I turn into at midnight?

It’s a good thing we’re not in a horror movie. The cute ones always die first.

I’m not a vampire, but I wouldn’t mind sucking on your neck tonight.

You didn’t have to dress up. If someone asked you what you were all you had to say was cute.

That costume looks complicated. Need help taking it off?

I know what you should be for Halloween. Mine.

That skeleton over there said he’d get your number for me, but he didn’t have the guts, so here I am.

I want to ask you out, but I’ve got butterflies in my stomach. And worms. And maggots…

You wanna take a ride on my broomstick?

You look so good, you’re making my man-bits rise from the dead.

Is that some candy in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Trick or treat at my place and I guarantee you’ll get a full-size Snickers bar!

Wanna find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of my Tootsie Pop?

Mmm baby! You’re decomposing in ALL the right places!

When I saw you walk in, I got so hot, my skin melted. Literally. Around here, it’s an “in” look.

You are dead sexy. Literally.

Tricks aren’t really my thing. I’m more of a ‘Treat or Treat’ guy.”

“Care to try my Monster Mash-ed potatoes?”

“I see you’re the Green M&M. How very suggestive…”

“The only thing ‘fun size’ about me is my Snickers. The candy bar. I’m talking about the candy bar here.”

“I’d like to make you my famous candy corn polenta.”

“Has anyone ever told you that you look like Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride?”

“It’s not make-up, it’s powdered sugar. Want to taste?”

“Would you like to go bobbing for my apples?”

“I’m not just a vampire. I’m Count Chocula and I really like your boo-berries.”

“I’m wearing pumpkin pie spice as cologne. Is it working?”

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