I want to explore you like a National Geographic journalist.

If you put your titi on my caca then together we will create a Peruvian lake.

Do you plan on going to see Big Ben anytime soon, because he’s right here in my pants.

Do you have a map, because I just got lost in your eyes.

Hey, are you a glacial feature, because I’m gonna erode the sides of your V-shaped valley into a U-shaped valley

I’m gonna screw you like the East Devon bus service: slowly and depressingly irregularly

Hey, are you a river that’s prone to flooding, because you’ll get some hard engineering tonight

If I could rearrange the map, I would put Uruguay and Iruguay together! I would also found the nation of Iruguay.

You want to take a trip down South tonight?

The only greater landmass than the continent of Asia is the mass contained in these arms [flex arms, raise one eyebrow].