Game of Thrones Pick Up Lines

The following Game of Thrones pick up lines are considered as the best ones on the Internet with photos and video, all related to Game of thrones. Actually, Game of Thrones pick up lines are not suitable for all people, because there are lot of people who do not even know the Game of thrones movie, that’s why we recommend for you to be very selective using the following amazing Game of Thrones chat lines. Let’s go ahead !!!

TOP Game of Thrones Pick Up Lines Photos

Game of Thrones Pick Up Lines

Game of Thrones Pick Up Lines

Game of Thrones Pick Up Lines

Game of Thrones Pick Up Lines

Game of Thrones Pick Up Lines2

Before they called me Littlefinger, they called me Massivec0ck.

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The best Game of Thrones pick up lines

You look like you have some Dornish in you. No? Then would you like some?

Are you from the North? Because I just winterfell-in love with you.

They may call me the IMP, but I never go LIMP!

You must be a white walker because I want you to have my babies.

They call me the king of the north but I am an expert going down south

They call me little finger, but the only thing little about me are my fingers.

Hey girl, I’d like to see your “Head” on my “Pikee”

Do you want to meet the real kingslaver? It lives inside my pants.

I may know nothing but I know you make me harder than Valyrian steel.

Girl they say it’s good luck to rub a dwarf’s But do you want to know what’s Luckier!

You’re so hot, would you like to become the mother of my dragons?

I would “fall” for you a thousand times cause your looks are so “Paralyzing”

You make me feel like oberyn cause you’re “blowing my mind”

You must be of the blood of old VALYRIA cause you are giving me some VALYRIA steel

Are you a Greyjoy? Because you know how to handle seamen.

Show me your dragon I’ll make it spit fire.

If you come up North for me, I’ll go down South on you.

Before they called me Littlefinger, they called me Massivec0ck.

Is your name Winter? Because you’ll be coming soon.

I’ll stick you with the pointy end.

There are no men like me. There’s only me.

They call me King in the North, but I’d go south on you.

I’ll rip out your tongue then chop of your head, because you just stole my heart.

You look like my brother/sister

WINTER FELL but I’ll keep you up all night!

Winter isn’t the only thing coming tonight

Did it hurt when you fell from heaven I can totally relate

I don’t know my mother, but I know who’s your daddy.

Hey girl, I Winter-fell in love the moment I first saw you.

Hey girl, Hodor ?

I want to usurp dat iron a $$.

Are Hodo’s legs tired? Because he’s been carrying you through my mind all day

Someone should tell the Old Gods and the New Gods that heaven is missing an angle.

Was your father a baker? Because you’ve got nice buns.

Did you erupt from a fire witch’s vagina? Because you’re a total somokeshow.

Are you my direwolf? Because I can definitely see myself taking over your body.

Is it hot in here because of the long summer or is it just you?

Are your clothes a slave? Because I’d like to free you of them.

Are you a traitor to the crown? Because I can definitely see you giving head to my pike.

Did I get pushed out of a tower because your looks are paralyzing

Are you the Mad King? Because I want to stab you in the backside

Are you at The Wall? Because I watch you at night.

Winter is coming. Do you want to come too?

Girl, my Finger is the only thing little about me.

Are you from the Riverlands? Because I want to sack your Maidenpool!

Wait, she asks if his clothes are a slave then says she wants to free him of them? That seems a little backwards.

Do you smith valyrian steel? Because you gave me one of the hardest swords in the land.

Oh you’re Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken? I cant fix that for you

Jaime: You mind giving me a hand here? Brienne: I’ll give you every art of my body.

Are you Jaime Lannister? Because I’d gladly give you a hand.

Did you kill my kid friend? Cause I wanna stab you with my needle

Did you get sacrificed to the God of Fire? Because you’re smoking!

Are you Viserys Targaryen? Because I would love to give you a golden shower.

I’m a Greyjoy, but would spread seed for you

I want to fly, can you show me your moon door?

Is that a sword in your sheath or are you just my brother?

Think we can make more babies than Walder Frey?

Your neighbours are going to be calling you winter all night 😉

Come and tough my raging throner

Did you fall from heaven? Because it looks like you landed on your face.

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