Fifty Shades Of Grey Pick Up Lines

The Greatest Fifty Shades Of Grey Pick Up Lines Collection

I’ll see you laters, baby. *Wink.*

It sure is hot outside, but I can be your Popsicle. *Subtle nod towards crotch.*

I’m 50 shades of hot for you. *Wink and gun finger.*

Let’s get out of here so I can make you say, “oh my”. *Try not to sound like GeorgeTakei when using this line.*

Hey girl, do you want to try out the balls in my playroom?

I think you’re 50 shades of great. *Wink twice.*

What’s your safe word? I’ll write it down next to your number.

I can be your Mr Grey.

Have you read 50 Shades of Grey? Well, I’m 50 shades of Greg.

I’ve got a dark twisted soul, want to go back to mine and let me tie you up?

I haven’t got a “Red Room of Pain”… but I can show my bedroom.

  • I’ll sign your contract… *Pull pen out of handbag and wink.*
  • Want me to wear your underwear?
  • You don’t need to knock. Just go in… *Wink*
  • My inner goddess wants to be friends with you. *Point to all of him.*
  • I’d say “oh my” for you. *Again, avoid Takei references. Unless they look like they’re into Star Trek.*

Why don’t you like to be touched?”
– “Because I’m fifty shades of fucked-up, Anastasia”

“Sometimes I wonder if there’s something wrong with me. Perhaps I’ve spent too long in the company of my literary romantic heroes, and consequently my ideals and expectations are far too high.”

“You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince”

“We aim to please Miss Steele”

“Never trust a man who can dance.”

“What is it about elevators?”

“Don’t get your panties in such a twist… and give me back mine.”

“I’d like to bite that lip.”

“I’ve kissed a prince, Mom. I hope it doesn’t turn into a frog.”

“I am going to have coffee with Christian Grey… and I hate coffee.”

“Oh, fuck the paperwork”

“It’s very hard to grow up in a perfect family when you’re not perfect.”

“Supposing I’ve said I hate him, or worse still, that I love him, in my sleep.”

“My inner goddess is jumping up and down, clapping her hands like a five year old.”

“Are you smirking at me, Mr. Grey?” I ask sweetly. Pompous ass.”