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These Aussie pick up lines or Australian pick up lines are the best and most guaranteed ones on the Internet so far. Some of them cheesy pick up lines, and some are funny and the rest are dirty. Thus, what we recommend is to pick the best one for you to use either on Australian girl or boy or generally use.  In this thread about Australian pick up lines or Aussie pick up lines, we will begin by a sexy video, then some photos of Australian lines then we provide you the best collection of Australian pick up lines on the entire Internet.

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Australian Pick Up Lines

G’Day! I’m an Aussie!
Translation: Hello there. I am from Australia

Would you like an Australian kiss? It’s like a french kiss but down under

Are you Australian? Because you meet all of my koala-fications

I hope you’re ready to spend some KOALATY time each other.

Can i see the little joey in your pouch?

Will you be the ketut to my rhonda?

Is your vocal range tenor because if there were tenor (ten of) you i would be very happy.

Babe, let me take you to Australia.

The way your uggs comfort your foot is the way I’ll comfort your d!ck.

You smell better than Christmas dinner.

After i’m done with the girl she’s just like a boomerang. Always come straight back to me.

Are you Australia? Cause your geographical location is hot.

I wanna get lost in your Outback.

Wanna blow my didgeridoo?

I’ll eat you like a dingo eats a baby.

I bet you sound like a Tasmanian Devil in bed.

I put the ‘laid’ in Adelaide.

I’m like a boomerang. I just keep coming back to you.

Let’s pretend you’re a croc so we can wrestle!

Let me show you why Australia started out as a penal colony.

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