Top 7 Accounting Pick Up Lines (97% Pickup Success!)

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Date Your Accountant today with our Top rated Accounting Pick Up Lines!

Now, why exactly do you want to date an accountant? After all, isn’t their image rather grey and dull? Well, most people agree that at the very least, accountants are usually rather on the smart side of life. It is widely accepted that if one has the ability to be an CPA, she or he would also have the ability to be a doctor! Hence, using one of our favorite accounting pick up lines will get you in touch with not only often very cute, but also very capable guys or girls!

Also, as more and more girls and guys are getting into accounting thee days, the pool of potential partners keeps growing, giving you a wide choice of cute, smart, sexy accountants to chose from!

Why Picking up an Accountant is good for You

Guess what? Accountants rarely have any money issue going on in their personal lives, so that is always a big plus in a relationship. On top of that, accountants are usually considered very reliable, so here again, you won’t have too much drama negatively affecting your relationship.

One aspect is often overlooked as well. When picking up an accountant, chances are you will find yourself with a very well dressed (sometimes even over-dressed) individual that usually knows the best spots to hit for dinner. Accountants are used to work in offices, usually their client’s offices, hence accountants put great emphasize on always looking the best. And when it comes to wining and dining with their staff or even clients, they usually chose some of the nicer spots in town.


The following are currently rated our Top 7 Accounting Pick up lines:

  1. Let’s fill out a 1040 – you’re a 10, and I’m 40

  2. In my office, ‘I.R.S.’ stands for ‘I’m really sexy’!

  3. You’ve got a lovely pair of W-2’s!

  4. How about we get out of here and appreciate each other’s assets.

  5. You must be a one-sided balance sheet, all assets and no liabilities.

  6. If I help you screw Uncle Sam, can I be next?

  7. Why don’t we go back to my place, and I’ll let you audit my staff.


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Following are even more funny, sexy, cute accounting pick up lines that will get your favorite accountant’s interest in no time! we did not rank them, as we think they are all great and all have their justification in many situations!

More Top – rated Accounting Pick up Lines

  • You’re entitled to a $5,000 tax break on your municipal bond income…now let’s do it.

  • I’d do just about anything to see your GAAP.

  • Nice assets!

  • My feelings for you will never depreciate.

  • Hey you, if I was an accountant, then you just accrued my love.

  • Come here often? Every day? From 9 to 5? Yeah, I guess that is often.

  • Are you a 1040EZ? Cause I need to fill you in!

  • How about we swap some liquid assets?!

  • I’d like to make some adjustments to your bottom line.

  • I’d really love to sleep with you, but it’s tax day and I feel like I’ve already been screwed by an entire government agency.

  • I am thinking about recognizing you as a capital lease because I will own you at the end of the day.

  • Excuse me, I saw you talking to that guy over there. Please don’t. There’s a going concern that he has significant control deficiencies.

  • He: Are you my revenue? She Why? He: Because I’m so loss without you!

  • I could add some serious value to your account.

  • Hey girl, can I be your external control?

  • I’m done being a sole proprietor, let’s form a partnership!

  • Are you from accounting? Because I was ac-counting on seeing you later!

  • Can I borrow a pen? I need it to write down your number when I ask you for it later today because I didn’t want to look it up in the employee directory.

  • Please, baby, let me withhold you!

  • Why don’t we go back to my place, and I’ll let you audit my staff.

  • I’ve been in public practice for several years now, but that’s easily the largest endowment I’ve ever seen.

  • Maybe we should go back to your place so you can show me some inside information about your firm structure.

  • Do you know why accountants are considered the best lovers? Cause’ we are skilled in the double entry system!

  • Lets try and make this triple bottom line.

  • I know i shouldn’t use the direct write off method, but I’ll do it for you.

  • I’d love to amortize your discount on bonds payable.

  • If you were a financial statement line item, you would be goodwill, and I wouldn’t even bother testing a fine intangible asset like you for impairment.

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