Supernatural Pick Up Lines

Supernatural has a huge audience base in some western countries particularly Unites States. After gathering the cheesiest Supernatural pick up lines, Pickupliness decided to finally post them for you. This genre of pick up lines such as Star Wars pick up lines or our today’s pick up lines which are Supernatural pick up lines are cheesy and funny at the same time, and this kind of pick up lines is considered as the best ones ever. Anyway, enjoy and do not forget to share with your friends.

Supernatural Pick Up Lines

Supernatural Pick Up Lines

I am an SPN fan. Wanna date?

I’m not the Impala, but you can call me baby.

I’ll give you something sweeter than a lollipop to suck on

Do you have an angel inside of you? No? Do you want one?

If I were a dragon, you would be my treasure.

You must be a rugaru because baby, you’re on fire.

I’m not a wraith, but I can make you go crazy with one touch

You must be pestilence because you’ve infected me with love

If I’m a demon, you must be a Devil’s Trap, because I’m stuck to you.

Are you a phoenix? ‘Cause baby you’re burning me up.

I’m not a wraith, but I can make you go crazy with one touch.

I would wuv to get in your pants.

You checkin’ out my guns?

I’d love to jump in your hole.

You must be Pestilence, ‘cause you’ve infected me.

I’d like to be your Mother of All.

You’re hotter than a ceiling fire.

Is Gabriel around? Because you’re like a beautiful mirage.

You must be the Impala because I’d love to ride you all night.

You don’t need a spell to summon me.

If you’re done trying to label me, wanna join my orgy?

Are you a trickster? Cause I’d love to put my stake in you.

You must be the yellow-eyed demon, because you’re my obsession.

If I were a vengeful spirit I’d possess you just for the body.

Do you have yellow eyes? Because you’re burning me up.

If you were a doctor, you’d be Dr. Sexy.

How would you like to be touched by an angel?

I’d go to hell and back just to be with you.

You must be Lucifer, because I can’t get you out of my head.

I’ll bet you taste better than pie.

You must be a monster, because I can’t stop hunting you down.

Are you the Impala because I’d love to get in your trunk.

What do you say to having the bendiest weekend of our lives?

You must be .an angel, because your beauty is blinding

I’d go through a million Tuesdays, if I got to spend them all with you

I’m not a vampire, but I lose my head around you

I’ll be the salt, baby, you be the gasoline, and we’ll set these bones alight.

If you were a liquor store, I would drink you.

Are you the Impala? Because I want to ride you all night long.

Are you my vessel? Because I want to get inside you.

I wish I were Castiel so I could get all up in your personal space.

Damn girl I must be a demon because I wanna be inside you.

Are you made of demon blood? Because baby I’m addicted to you.

Baby I’m burning (on the ceiling) for you.

Your eyes are haunting me, but I won’t look for iron or salt, for they are the most beautiful ghosts I will ever see.

I want to spend every Tuesday with you. We should go to theMystery Spot for our first date.

Are you the Croatoan virus? Because baby I’m going crazy for you.

I must be in a Djin dream because you’re just too perfect for me.

Are you a relative of Castiel? Because you look like an angel to me.

Is Gabriel tricking me? Because you seem far too perfect to be real.

My love for you is like Sam’s hair: it just keeps growing and growing.

Why don’t you be the babysitter and I’ll be the pizzaman?

Baby you’re hotter than a ceiling fire.

Is that a Colt in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

Were you born that beautiful or did you make a deal with a Crossroad demon?

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